Banzai Bunny (Umenoyado) in Larchmont Village!

Umenoyado aka Banzai Bunny sparkling sake served at the seventh annual Grammy Style Studio. And it's available in Larchmont Village at California Roll and Sushi!


Drinks at California Roll and Sushi


It's the second bottle from the right. That's the original flavor, but they also carry blueberry.

Umenoyado Sparkling Blueberry Saké aka Banzai Bunny

Price not listed in the menu below. You must ask the skinny guy!


  Small (Tokuri) Large
Otokoyama 8.00 15.00
Onikoroshi 9.00 17.00
Kubota 7.00 13.00


SCB Organic Rice Sake - NO MORE!! 13.95
SCB Ginjo Sake 13.95
SCB Nigori Sake (Sayuri) 13.95
SCB Nama Sake (6 ounces)  
Sayuri 14.50
Kikusui 15.95
Kurosawa 15.95


  Small Large
SCB HOT SAKE 4.50 8.95




Kirin        Kirin Light        Sapporo        Asahi

Small 4.50             Large 7.50




  Glass Half Bottle Bottle
Canyon Road 5.00 -- 18.00
J. Lohr 7.00 13.00 24.00
Raymond Estate 6.00 -- 21.00



  Glass Half Bottle Bottle
J. Lohr, Los Osos 8.00 -- 25.00
Raymond R Collection 7.00 -- 24.00
Frei Brothers 9.00 -- 28.00




  Glass Half Bottle Bottle
J. Lohr 9.00 -- 28.00
La Playa 7.00 -- 24.00



  Glass Half Bottle Bottle
Redwood Creek (Sauvignon Blanc) 4.50 -- 15.00
Campagnola (Pinot Grigio) 4.50   15.00
Plum Wine (Takara) 6.00   --



Coke, Diet Coke 1.75
7 Up 1.75
Shirley Temple 2.50
Ginger Ale 1.75
Snapple 2.00
Perrier 2.50
Bottled Water 1.75
Fiji Water 2.50
Iced Tea 2.75
Hot Tea 1.75
Lemonade 2.75
Arnold Palmer 2.75
Iced Green Tea 2.75
Cali Green Tea 2.75

Address: 125 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Location: north of 1st Street, south of Beverly Boulevard

Phone Number:
(323) 856-0369


Hours Open: 11 am to 11 pm, Monday - Saturday
11:30 am to 10 pm on Sunday

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street, metered             Accessibility: ok for wheelchairs

*May contain my typos!  See also the Full Menu and the Sushi A La Carte Menu