Canto Diem Marijuana Dispensary in Larchmont

August 28, 2013: Letter by Fenton Nelson, LLP 

RE: Canto Diem Medical Marijuana Dispensing Cooperative in Larchmont Village
To Whom It May Concern:
This law firm represents the directors of Canto Diem, a medical marijuana cultivating collective that is planning to relocate to Larchmont Village. We are writing in the hope of reducing confusion and addressing concerns of local residents and businesses related to this relocation. 
As background, Canto Diem is one of the original local dispensaries that is permitted to open in (and was required to relocate to) a compliant location under Proposition D. In fact, Canto Diem was one of only 41 dispensaries that met the strictest requirements imposed by the City of Los Angeles in the 2010 Ordinance, #181069. 

It has been in existence since 2006 and has never had any legal issues with local or federal law enforcement. In short, Canto Diem has been operated in strict compliance with the law and intends to do so in the future. Although compliant locations are scarce, Canto Diem learned that 215 Larchmont Boulevard was available. Among other considerations, Council District 4 voted by a margin of 12,243 to 7,641 in favor of Prop D, making it the second highest council district by votes in favor and 6th highest percentage in support (61.57%).

At the same time, Canto Diem understands the concerns that residents have expressed, and acknowledges that some dispensaries have had issues with inappropriate access, crime, and nuisance issues, from loitering to bad odors. Canto Diem takes these concerns seriously and has asked us to share its commitment to being a good neighbor. These include: 
– strict screening to prohibit anyone under 21 
– full-time bonded security personnel
– 100% lab testing of all medicine 
– no marijuana symbols (green crosses / leaves) visible from the street 
– credit card processing to limit cash transactions
– extensive security cameras / safety steps
– enforcement of no smoking onsite / nearby 
– odor-control through filtration 
– careful screening to limit service to qualified, legitimate patients 
– prohibition of loitering by clients

Canto Diem has established an email address ([email protected]) and a telephone number (424-235-0489) to allow concerned neighbors to report problems. Canto Diem also maintains a community liaison to ensure that it lives up to its commitment to Larchmont Village. On Canto Diem’s behalf, we welcome your feedback and suggestions to ensure a positive relationship going forward.

Canto Diem Medical Marijuana Dispensary on LarchmontVery truly yous,

By: Aaron Lachant

New Address: 215 N. Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Previous Address: 5419 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028
The main issue among locals who would like to avail of marijuana for medical purposes is that they would have to climb a flight of stairs. Currently, the nearest medical-marijuana dispensary to Larchmont is possibly Cure with Herbs on Melrose, by Wilton.

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