Vandalism, Burglary on Larchmont: Crumbs is Hit Again

Breaking News: A security patrolman spotted Crumbs Bakeshop’s door in pieces at a little before 6:00 a.m.

For Crumbs, it looks like it was more of a severe case of vandalism, since nothing appears to have been taken… Next-door neighbor Pickett Fences suffered relatively minor damage, the thick glass of its door preventing entry. Landis Toy Store was the worst hit, with its door smashed and property taken.

More photos and details on Facebook.

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Crumbs Larchmont Burglary Crime: January 2013

January 8, 2013 (Tuesday): News alert and photo provided by Henry V.

This is the second time that Crumbs has suffered such damage — the previous incident was in March 2012.

The bakeshop intends to reopen this afternoon if the new door arrives.

Also see Facebook post and photo from the March 2012 burglary of Crumbs

UDPATE: For any questions about the burglaries, call Wilshire Division detectives at 213-922-8251. The incident numbers are 130704276 and 130704277.

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