Flywheel on Larchmont a Retail / Bike Shop, Not a Gym?

TLDR: Flywheel currently has a permit to operate as a bike shop. Unlike SoulCycle and other such establishments, Flywheel on Larchmont does NOT have a permit to operate as a health club.

The Flywheel Sports franchise is known for spin classes, and a gym for stadium cycling was what the locals assumed was going into the former Blockbuster shop at 147 North Larchmont… Except it’s not a gym or health club that Flywheel said it was going to be when it applied to the city for a permit.

City files show no application for change of use (the space remains for “retail” as it was during Blockbuster‘s operations) though a supplemental permit has been issued clarifying that the space is to be a “retail / bike shop” with 16 parking spaces.   

On its website and in response to community members who have asked, Flywheel describes its location on Larchmont as “a retail store and equipment testing room.”

Despite Flywheel on Larchmont not being a gym in the eyes of its company, its PR firm has been announcing registration for spin classes that start as early as 8:15 am on Saturday (April 13, 2013) with instructor Emily Celli-Recht. There appear to be 46 spots for students… presumably each with his or her own spin bike. Or they could just be 46 customers testing the sports equipment all at the same time. 

Flywheel on Larchmont Retail Bike Shop Not Gym

Screenshot from Flywheel Website


Flywheel Larchmont Cycling Class Schedule

Flywheel Larchmont Stadium Cycling Instructor Emily C

Address: 147 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004-3704
Location: north of 1st Street, south of Beverly, west side of street

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