Halloween Sunday: In Costume and with Candy!

October 31, 2010

Vendors of the Larchmont Farmers Market in costume and with candy!

Where's Waldo? Alex at Farmers Market

Where’s Waldo? That’s Alex of Lush Pomegranate Juice!

Christine of Aliki's Greek Food

Christine of Aliki’s Greek Food with a pail of candy — Mary Janes!

Chef Robertino of La Luna as Venetian Gondolier

Chef Robertino of La Luna as a Venetian gondolier

Paula and daughter Valentina


Chef Robertino’s wife Paula and daughter Valentina as witches!


Ron Burke as the Unabomber


Ron Burke as the Unabomber. He’s the one who sells the roses with Sheran!


Laurent Bonjour, French cowboy with the cheese and spider


Laurent Bonjour, our French cowboy at the cheese truck has a guest on his hat!



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