Cover Up on Larchmont?

Photo taken on January 8 of the toy store on Larchmont.

Landis Labyrinth Larchmont Toy Store

The owner of this toy store has sent threatening communications to Larchmont LA asking that we suppress the news of a crime after we tweeted the above photo with the caption, “Door gone from the toy store after pre-dawn vandalism on Larchmont.”

This store and two other shops in the area were in fact vandalized and burglarized on January 8, 2013… The damage was visible to everyone passing on the street. You can call Wilshire Division’s burglary detectives at 213-922-8251 to confirm this.

The two other establishments have not harassed us in any way − one store let us do our job, while the second store’s staffers were very helpful and upfront in providing us with information and thanking us for our concern.

Because of the strange nature of the actual crimes, and the subsequent series of seemingly irrational, frantic attempts to cover up this piece of news, locals are speculating that there is a deeper story behind what happened at the toy store.

If you have any information about the reasons for the cover up, contact us or provide your tips directly to police detectives at 213-922-8251.

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