Landis Labyrinth – Do Not Shop At This Store !

THUMBS DOWN on this establishment. HORRIBLE OWNER

Instead, do your toy shopping online. Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Target

Landis Labyrinth
The owner of this establishment is Devoney Wolfus who has sent threatening communications to Larchmont LA after we tweeted the above photo with the caption, “Door gone from Landis toy store after pre-dawn vandalism on Larchmont.”

This store and two other shops on the street were in fact vandalized and burglarized on January 8, 2013. The damage was visible to everyone passing on the street. You can call Wilshire Division’s burglary detectives at 213-922-8251 to confirm this.

The two other stores have not harassed us in any way — one store let us do our job, while the second store’s staffers were very helpful and upfront in providing us with information and thanking us for our concern.

Because of the strange nature of the circumstances, and the subsequent attempt at a cover-up, locals are speculating that there is a deeper story behind what happened at the Landis Labyrinth Toy Store.


Address: 140 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Location: north of 3rd Street, south of Beverly Boulevard
east side of the street, next to Landis General Store

Forms of Payment: accepts cash and credit cards

Sells toys, games and puzzles for children and adults. Brands/Product Lines: International Playthings, Preschool Prep, Green Toys, Knex/Brio, Kooky Pens, LP Rythmix, Spinmaster, Linda’s Lollies, Haba, Melissa & Doug, Holgate Toys, Klutz, Schylling, Kidorable, Dover, Best of Best, Mary Meyer, Sterling, Empress Arts, Accoutrements, Ty, Gund, Small World Toys, Mattel, Lego, Manhattan Toys, Playmobil, Hasbro, Ganz (Webkinz), Nakajima, Zing and mu, Jelly Belly, Mrs. Grossman’s, Lee Publications, Do a Dot Art, Hohner, Chronicle Books, Toysmith, Educational Insights, Uglydollske-out sandwiches, Touchdown Football Set, Hoppy Ball, Sack Racing Set

History: The original retail store was opened by Bob Landis in 1933. The toy store opened in January and had its grand opening in March 2009.

New owners: Devoney W. and Timothy C. (Devoney Wolfus and Timothy Corrigan)

Parking: street                    Accessibility: ok for wheelchairs

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