Larchmont Alley Repair Work

Los Angeles City’s Bureau of Street Services (BSS)  will be starting constructions on the southern entrance of the Larchmont Alley on October 22nd (Monday), 2012.

“The cost of the project is $62,571 to repave the worst parts of the alley to make it safer for everyone who lives in and enjoys Larchmont Village,” according to Tom LaBonge, Councilman of District 4. “The source of funding is from my office’s Street Furniture Discretionary Fund. The money is intended for public improvements like this, and is raised from the advertising revenue on bus benches and station.”

The City Controller has appropriated the $62,571 from the Council District Four portion of Street Furniture Revenue Fund N. 43D to the Department of Public Works’ BSS Fund N. 100/86, with the cost breakdown as follows:

Salaries $34,000
Construction Expenses $12,000
Contractual Services $11,000
Operating Supplies $5,571

Additional utility work and crack-and-seal work will be coordinated and funded in future months by the councilman’s office. The condition of streets, alleys, and other roadways is determined by the weight of the vehicles that travel them and the amount of water they are exposed to. The BSS has been working with property owners in the weeks prior to the beginning of construction to end all illegal water runoff into the alley.

Work is expected to begin on October 22nd (Monday) and will take ten working days. The southern entrance of the alley will be closed until November 3rd.

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Larchmont Alley is a concrete alley west of Larchmont Boulevard, north of 1st Street.

Presented by Tom LaBonge and seconded by Paul Kerkorian, the motion to repair Larchmont Alley was approved by the City Council on August 15, 2012

The Street Furniture Revenue Fund provides funds for transit-related projects, sidewalk projects, curb / sidewalk improvements, beautification project needed to improve conditions for public transit patrons, and all expenses relating or incidental thereto, as well as on general services to the community in each Council District.

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