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On the Cheese Truck – Labor Day Weekend

Published on: Sep 5, 2010

Laurent Bonjour - Cheese Corner

– a rarefied sour savor with a salty flavor
that turns to a sweet nuttiness

P’tit Basque
– has a rather dry texture and an earthy, nutty flavor

Peppered Cabecou in Plum Brandy
– creamy when young, little moldy with age, all with a plum aftertaste

– soft and creamy with a frank taste and a strong pungent smell

Berger de Rocastin
– mild with notes of fresh hay
– smooth and velvety with a slight tang, like very thick cream

Dry Chorizo and Saucisson Sec

Saucisson Sec / Dry Salami  $15 each
– a rich chewy pork product that literally melts in your mouth
– goes best with cornichons or black cured olives

And don’t forget duck sausage with figs and merguez for your BBQ.

It’s still summer weather, and there are still BBQ and salads on menus. Laurent has Sweet ‘n’ Spicy BBQ rub, as well as six (6) different dressings for your salads that can be used as marinade or sauce for your meat or seafood − basil, garlic and parmesan; honey, mustard and blue cheese;  balsamic; mustard, garlic and champagne; orange and raspberry; and Provençal.

If you happen to need a soothing necklace for a teething baby, Laurent has those on his truck too. They’re very big in Europe!

At the Larchmont Farmers Market every Sunday, 9 am – 2 pm, rain or shine!

** Takes Visa and MasterCard for $20.00 minimum or $1.00 fee for less. **

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