Unlawful Detainer vs Fluxus Retail

On November 7th, 2012, an unlawful detainer was filed at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse by Steckbauer Weinhart Jaffe LLP on behalf of Larchmont Village Investors against Fluxus Retail 001, LLC. The clothing brand’s CEO Martin Pacquette was not named in the suit.

An Unlawful Detainer is a civil action in which a landlord/owner brings suit against a tenant to obtain a court order giving the holder of property the right to regain possession of the property from the tenant.

Before the complaint is filed, the plaintiff must serve a Notice to Pay Rent or Quit on the tenant. If the tenant refuses to comply with the notice, and does not either pay the rent or quit the premises, the plaintiff may then file his/her Unlawful Detainer complaint.

UPDATE: The case was dismissed without prejudice on January 25, 2013. FluXus intends to close its Larchmont shop by the end of February 2013.

The retail store of FluXus is located at 202 N. Larchmont Boulevard, on the east side of the street. Managers and staff are known in the local community as unrepentant patrons of the illegal restaurant Bungalow.

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