Lee’s Philly Food Truck in Larchmont Village

Photo from their second day in Larchmont, in March 2010.  They used to spend weekdays 4-8pm there on Beverly and Larchmont, but the police are called in whenever they park there, although they are never cited for violating any ordinance.

You’re now more likely to catch Lee’s Philly and other LA food trucks at the friendlier 1st and Larchmont where Bank of America has never dialed the LAPD.

Most recent sighting: September 15 (Wednesday) on 1st and Larchmont, 3:30 pm

Lee's Philly Food Truck in Larchmont

Menu was last updated in the summer of 2010.

SOUTHWEST corner of Beverly and Larchmont (where pic above was taken)  or
NORTHEAST corner of Larchmont and First Street (near BoA)