Lenie with Vegan Greek Dishes

Christine is in Encino today, so Lenie is taking her place at the Larchmont Farmers Market, where she was already ready for customers before 8 am!

Lenie of Aliki Food

Lenie at the Larchmont Farmers Market for Aliki’s Food

Ready-to-eat Greek salads from Aliki

Many vegan options, such as white bean salad, black bean salad and two kinds of eggplant spreads.

She also has vegan moussaka, protein moussaka, Artichoke & Parmesan hummus,
taramosalata (Greek caviar), Kalamata olive paste, and vegan Avocado & Cilantro hummus.

For dessert: classic Greek baklava and halva

Larchmont Farmers Market every Sunday, 10 am – 2pm

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