Party Q’sadilla Truck on Larchmont

May 19, 2010 (Wednesday)

New food truck makes an appearance on Larchmont Boulevard − the uniquely orange Party Q’sadilla

Party Q'sadilla - Orange Food Truck

They parked near the corner of Larchmont and Beverly, the notoriously unfriendly spot in the area, where bank and real-estate office managers dial the LAPD at the sight of any food truck.

Ironically, the food place Noah’s right across the street has absolutely no problem with the truck, and employees say they’d be game to try the fusion fare.


$6 Teriyaki Bowls (Beef, Chicken, Veggie)
$6 Curry Plates (Beef, Chicken, Veggie)
$2 Korean Tacos (Beef, Chicken, Veggie, Shrimp)
$6 Korean Burritos Party Q’sadilla Truck on Larchmont
Q’sadilla with Cheese and Choice of Up To 3 Toppings
(from $6 to $13 depending on size and number of toppings)
Specials: kimchi quesadillas, tofu tacos, tofu burritos

You’re now more likely to catch this truck and other food trucks on the laid-back corner of 1st and Larchmont, in front of Bank of America. Use the ATM, then get a taco!

No BofA manager has ever complained about the food trucks, although there was one resident who came out in the evening to introduce herself as a lawyer and demand that the Calbi truck‘s main office contact her number on the card she gave. So far, there have been no reports of criminal charges filed against any of these food trucks.

UPDATE: Party Q’sadilla truck spotted on Larchmont again on May 25th (Tuesday) but disappeared quickly. Another sighting on May 26 (Wednesday).

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