Pinches Tacos: Not Complying with City Orders?

UPDATE: Records show that Pinches Tacos came into compliance as of 7/25/2013 providing no seating for dine-in.

When it was revealed in January 2013 that the small Mexican restaurant chain Pinches Tacos was on track to open a location in the space of La Bottega Marino, residents were puzzled because the City had issued in December 2012 an Order to Comply to the property owner of 203 N. Larchmont demanding that chairs be removed from La Bottega Marino.

Regardless, Pinches Tacos decided to go ahead with its opening in April after the closure of La Bottega Marino. The Department of Building & Safety then issued an Order to Comply (#3246841) to the owner of the property that Pinches Tacos was occupying based on the following complaints of violations:

(1) Unapproved use of the take-out only restaurant as a dine-in restaurant.
(2) Building or structure is being used or its existing occupancy classification has changed without the issuance of a valid Certificate of Occupancy.

The property was given until the second week of May to comply. As of May 29th, records reflect that the property is still not in compliance. It is expected that without compliance, the matter will eventually be forwarded to the DBS legal department.

Address: 203 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004
WEST side of the street.

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Other properties on Larchmont that have permitting issues include Flywheel Sports (permitted as a bike retail shop only, and not as a gym or health club) and Larchmont Bungalow (operating without any city permit whatsoever).

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