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A message from Cari Butler, owner of Emergency Cafe.

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5 Tips on Making Your Own Emergency Kit

In light of Haiti, Chile, Turkey and our own shaker just recently…  putting together an emergency kit is on all of our “To Do Lists”!  Here are some helpful tips to get you pointed in the right direction!

1 Food and water – make sure that the shelf life of the food and water is 5 years.  Have enough food and water for EACH person in your family for at least 3 days.  Water comes in eight-ounce boxes or pouches and the minimum that you want is 24 oz per day. In regards to food bars, 3600 food bars are best – they will last one person for three days – you can get these at your local camping store.

2 First Aid – Band-Aids, ointments, cold compresses, tweezers, tongue depressors, gauze pads, scissors, adhesive tape, non-aspirin tablets, alcohol wipes and anything else that you feel you might need

3 Lighting and electrical supplies – Flashlights and batteries, light sticks, am/fm radio (solar powered or hand crank is best)

4 Sanitation and comfort supplies – Toilet paper, tissues, wipes. Towelettes, emergency blankets, tooth brush and tooth paste, feminine products

5 Search and rescue supplies – leather palmed gloves, whistle, duct tape, rain ponchos, utility knife

Place all of these items in a duffel bag or back packs and keep them in a place where they are easily accessible.  Also make sure that you make one for your car!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or visit our website at

Remember, we cannot predict, but we can PREPARE!

Be Ready!

Last edited on: Apr 7, 2010