Press Release Submission Guidelines

It’s 2016 already, yet nothing has changed in the modus operandi of certain PR agencies. 

Let us help you with a few pointers.

1. Submit your press release to us BEFORE the event or product launch, not two weeks after you’ve already given the information to other “more important” news outlets and the event or launch is already underway.

2. Do not format your copy in TABLES… Do not format in TABLES… Do not format in TABLES… Do not format in TABLES.

3. Do not use any font enhancement, except perhaps bolding, underlining and italicization, and only if really, really necessary to keep you from killing yourself. 

4. You already have our email address. Attach images associated with your press release. Do not ask us to hunt down images and tell us to ask a third party for specific permission to use their images. 

Here’s a short url, so you can tell everyone what a dick we are.


Thank you and happy new year!