Sichuan Kitchenette


Szechuan Chinese food

Address: 144 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles 90004

Sichuan Kitchenette is planning to open by the end of the year.

Sichuan cuisine is one of the four major cuisines of China. It is named after the Szechuan region in the southwest of the country. The area’s dishes are known for freshness, fragrance, and above all, spiciness. 🌶

Kung Pao chicken is the most famous Sichuan dish that’s a classic. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy authentic 宫保鸡丁 from a local spot here in Larchmont Village. 😛

The location of Si Chuan Little Kitchen is where Absolute Tickets used to be. That particular section of the block has been totally renovated and is now operated by the Larchmont Mercantile group.

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