Adriana Caselotti House

Originally posted on September 9, 2009

The house on the southwest corner of 2nd Street and Larchmont Boulevard was designed and ordered built by Adriana Caselotti, who provided the voice of Snow White in the 1937 animated Disney movie.┬áIt has a garden dominated by a red bridge and wishing well. The Japanese-inspired wishing well is decorated with a picture of Snow White and words, “I’m wishing.”

Adriana Caselotti

Adriana Caselotti (1916 – 1997) was an American actress and singer who was paid $970 for her work on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. After the film’s success, Walt Disney didn’t want her voice to be used by anyone else and so she had a hard time finding work in the entertainment industry in the United States. That was why she went overseas and one of the countries she fell in love with was Japan.

The house was placed on the market for $1.5 million in November 2010.

Address: 201 South Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Location: west side of street, south of Beverly Blvd, block north of 3rd Street

Note that by 2014, the property owner had grown hedges on the perimeter high enough to prevent bypassers from seeing the garden, including the bridge and the well.

August 2022: On the market for $2,098,000
3 bed + 2.5 bath + 2200 sqft + 18-foot cedar wood ceilings