Grey’s Anatomy Star’s Dog Drama

October 8, 2008

Eric Dane is having second thoughts — about a dog he and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, rescued from an animal shelter, that is.

The Grey’s Anatomy star fell in love with Nellie the pooch, but he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since bringing her home because she likes to nibble on his toes while he’s snoozing!

“Eric blames Nellie for his grumpiness on the set,” says a source. “He’s so tired these past weeks that he can’t even get motivated to go to the gym.”

The TV star wants to take Nellie back to the Larchmont Animal Clinic in L.A., but Rebecca has nixed the idea. Nellie is now sleeping outdoors, and rather than keeping Eric up, she’s disturbing their neighbors. Says the source, “She likes to howl at the moon.”

Do you think it’s mean to adopt a pet and then return it?

hellooooooooo it’s called obedience school. you can afford it!
— Tracy

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