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Le Petit Greek Restaurant – Lunch Menu

Le Petit Greek Restaurant - Larchmont Village

Lunch menu is served 11:30 am – 4 pm.

June 10, Thursday: Salmon pineapple salad and a Greek sampler plate featuring rack of lamb, lemon chicken, spanakopita and tzatziki.

Address, phone number and map below.

Menu prices subject to change.

$8.95 each


Tarama – whipped caviar
Hummus – garbanzo and tahini
Tzatziki – yogurt and cucumber
Baba Ghanoush – chopped eggplant salad


Any combo of two items above $9.95
Any combo of three items above $10.95
Combo of all four items above $11.95


Dolmades   $8.95
vegetarian stuffed grape leaves
Keftedes $8.95
meatballs seasoned with fresh mint


combo of all six items above $18.00


Saganaki – flamed cheese with ouzo, 10.95

Halloumi – goat cheese,12.95

Feta with Kalamata olives, 10.95

Tyropita – feta cheese and herbs in filo, 4.00

Spanakopita – spinach and feta cheese in filo, 4.00

Kreatopita – ground meat and cheese in filo, 4.00

Kototopita – chicken and cheese in filo, 4.00

Greek Pizza – mozzarella, feta, tomato, and basil, 9.95

Tzatziki with Beets, 10.95

Melan – black bean and tahini (Spartan recipe), 8.95

Garides a la Petit – shrimp, tomatoes, and feta flamed with ouzo, 14.95

Kalamari – grilled octopus with lemon and herbs, 10.95

Htapodi – grilled octopus with lemon and herbs, 10.95

Gigantes – giant Greek beans in tomato and dill, 10.95

Loukaniko – homemade style Greek sausage with tzatziki 10.95

Melitzana – eggplant grilled with garlic, 9.95

Tabbouleh – quinoa, parsley and mint, 8.95

Soup of the Day (usually avgolemono or lentil) $6.00



– grilled, tender chicken breast, mixed greens, tomatoes and feta $13.95

Spartan – black Angus beef, grilled to your liking, baby arugula, tomatoes, olives and feta $16.95

Ionian – fresh chunks of grilled salmon on a bed of baby field greens, tomatoes and feta $15.95

Feta – mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, olives with house dressing $9.95

Horiatiki – roma tomatoes cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, olives, feta and extra virgin olive oil  $9.95

GYROS a la Petit Greek
dressed with tzatziki, onions, tomatoes and served with feta salad and lemon potatoes

Traditional – lamb and beef  $13.95

Chicken – marinated chopped grilled chicken breast $13.95

Vegetarian – grilled eggplant and zucchini  $13.95

served with feta salad

A la Horio – fresh basil, roma tomatoes, calamata olives, 
garlic, and parmesan $13.95

Marathon – tender chunks of chicken, fresh herbs, and 
tomatoes, with feta and parmesan $14.95

all entrees are served with feta salad and roasted lemon potatoes

Salmon ala petit – lightly brushed with olive oil, 
lemon, fresh herbs  $16.95

Salmon Plaki – sautéed then baked with fresh tomatoes, 
onions, fresh herbs $16.95

Vegetarian Platter – spanakopita, dolmades, tzatziki, hummus and eggplant $13.95

Moussaka – layered eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, and ground beef topped with a light béchamel sauce $15.95

Pastitsio – Greek version of “lasagna” baked with ground beef and topped with a light béchamel sauce $15.95

Zorba – chicken breast sautéed in fresh lemon dill 
sauce with a touch of white wine $15.95

Santorini – gently stewed lamb with fresh
 green beans, lemon, and dill $15.95

Olympia – chicken breast, three cheeses, roasted peppers, cilantro, and onions wrapped in filo $15.95

Chicken Kebob – tender breast meat, seasoned Mediterranean style then grilled to perfection $15.95


Le Petit Greek reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles. 18% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more. There is no cigar smoking in the patio. Minimum charge per person $10.95. Cellular phone use in the restaurant is prohibited.

Address: 127 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004
West side of street, north of 1st Street, south of Beverly Blvd

Phone Number: 323-464-5160

street                    Accessibility: ok for wheelchairs

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