Lush Foods at Larchmont Farmers Market

Every Sunday at the Farmers’ Market…


Lush Organic Pomegranate Juice

Lush displays bottles of their pomegranate juice so prominently that you might overlook their other offerings. Check out their menu! They have loads of Indian food.

Vegetarian Dishes
yellow moong daal (yellow lentil curry) $6
paanch daal (five-lentil curry) $6
saag paneer (spinach with cheese)  $6
channa masala (garbanzo bean curry) $6
channa chat (garbanzo bean salad) $5 – quickly sells out
vegetable korma (mixed vegetable curry) $6
aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower) $6
eggplant bharta (roasted eggplant curry) $6
raita (yogurt sauce w/ cucumbers and tomatoes) $5 – sells out quickly

Freshly made breads: naan, roti and chapati

Non-Vegetarian Dishes
chicken tikka masala $8
chichen biryani $6 – sells out quickly
lamb biryani  $7

sweet mango $3
spicy mango
cilantro $4
tamarind $3
spicy lethal $4 – sells out quicky

100% natural pomegranate juice $5

Also sells natural spices.

Vegetable samosas (potatoes, carrots…) are $2 each.

Dishes are pre-packaged in microwaveable containers. You can buy a large tub of chutney or aloo gobi and not feel compelled to finish your entire purchase in one meal. The man assures me you can put the leftovers in the fridge to last a week.

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