Pink Moon

The first full moon of the spring season

pink moon over trees

The Pink Moon is the full moon named after the pink flowers that bloom in spring, particularly the pink phlox wildflowers that are native to North America and often bloom around the time of a full moon in April.

The Pink Moon is also known as the Breaking Ice Moon, Budding Moon, Awakening Moon, Egg Moon, and Paschal Moon.

The Paschal Moon is the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox and is used to determine the date of Easter. In 2023, the Pink Moon will also be the Paschal full moon.

The Pink Moon is not actually pink in color, but rather it is named after the pink flowers that bloom in spring.

pink spring flowers

The Pink Moon is a sign of spring and new growth, and many of its alternative names reflect this theme.

very round pink moon

The Celts had names like Budding Moon, New Shoots Moon, Seed Moon, and Growing Moon, while Native Americans called it “Pink Moss Moon.”

In 2023, the Pink Moon will reach peak illumination in California between the night of April 5 (Wednesday) and the early morning of April 6 (Thursday).

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