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Pueblo Viejo Restaurant & Bar Menu

August 26, 2010

Closed in early 2012.



Chips and Salsa     $2.95

Chips and Guacamole     $5.95

Chips with melted jack cheese & bean dip with avocado   

Ceviche     $7.95
Halibut with fresh lime, tomatoes, cilantro, onion and peppers   

Quesadilla De Camaron     $7.95
Two corn tortillas with shrimp and cheese, topped with ranchera sauce & pico de gallo     

Quesadilla De Tomatillo     $5.95
Two corn tortillas with cheese and tomatillo sauce     

Quesadillas     $5.95
Flour tortillas with cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream & guacamole     

TACOS $6.95

Two Tacos served with Rice and a Chioce of Beans or Calabacitas

Carne Asada     

Marinated steak with cilantro tomato and onion     

Pork with cilantro, onion and tomato    


Grilled pasilla chile, onion, cheese and avocado     

Chicken, lettuce & tomato     

Hard shell with cheese, lettuce, tomato & Mexican cheese   

Hard shell with shrimp, lettuce & tomato 

Grilled or battered halibut with cabbage & tartar sauce 



Sopas  small $4.25  large $5.95

Sopa De Papa     
Potatoes simmered with tomatoes, onion & green chiles    

Sopa De Tortilla     
Spicy chile broth with tortillas, Mexican cheese & avocado

Ensalada Verde     $3.95
Garden salad     

Grilled Chicken Salad     $6.95
Garden salad topped with chicken     

Caesar     $5.95

Chicken Caesar     $6.95

Sopa y Caesar     $6.95



Served with Rice and a Choice of Beans or Calabasitas

Carne Asada     
Steak, cilantro, onion & tomato   

Pork, cilantro, onion, & tomato     

Chicken, lettuce & tomato   

Chile Verde Mojado   
Pork with tomatillo sauce & cheese on top     

Chile Colorado     
Pollo burrito with roja sauce & cheese on top     

Chile relleno with lettuce & ranchera sauce     

Grilled pasilla, onion, beans & cheese     

Ceviche or Pollo Tostadas     

Pollo Taquitos     
rolled tacos   



Served with Rice and Choice of Beans or Calabacitas

Enchiladas Rojas   
Cheese enchiladas with New Mexico red chile sauce, topped with sour cream & onions  

Enchiladas Verdes     
Chicken enchiladas with green chili sauce & cheese on top    

Enchiladas De Mole   
Cheese or chicken enchiladas with mole sauce     

Roja Y Verde  
One cheese & one chicken enchilada     

Chicken rolled into flour tortillas & lightly fried with avocado sauce, cilantro, & Mexican cheese   

Chile Relleno     One $6.95   Two $8.95
Lightly battered pasilla chili stuffed with cheese, smothered with ranchera sauce & Mexican cheese

Pollo Caliente     
Red New Mexican chile over chicken with grilled cactus on top     

Pollo Al Chipotle   
Spicy smoked chile sauce over chicken     

Mole Poblano     
Spicy mole sauce over chicken     

Pollo Naranja   
Onions simmered in orange juice over chicken

Pollo Parilla     
Grilled chicken with pico de gallo on the side     

Carne Asada     Small $7.95  Large $10.95
Charbroiled steak with pico de gallo & guacamole on the side   

Carnitas     $7.95
Crispy pork with pico de gallo and guacamole on the side   

Chile Verde     $7.95
Pork with tomatillo sauce, cheese & cilantro    

SEAFOOD   $12.95

Served with Rice and Choice of Beans or Calabacitas

Pescado Ala Parilla     
Grilled halibut with pico de gailo

Pescado De Aguacate   
Halibut with avocado sauce on top     

Pescado Ala Veracruzana   
Halibut simmered with onions, tomatos & peppers     

Camaron Mazatlan     
Shrimp with onions, tomatoes, peppers and cheese     

Camaron Mojo De Ajo     
Jumbo shrimp marinated in garlic & wine     

Camaron Al Chipotle     
Spicy smoked chile sauce over grilled shrimp     

Enchiladas Del Mar     $10.95
Shrimp enchiladas with spicy chipotle sauce


Relleno Y Taco
Relleno Y Enchilada     $9.95
Enchilada Y Taco     $9.95
Relleno, Taco, Enchilada     $11.95
Asada Y Mazatlan     $15.95

Pueblo Viejo Restaurant on Melrose - Happy Hour


HAPPY HOUR is 4-7 pm, Monday to Friday: $5 Margaritas, $4 Wines, $3 Beers
Corona, Pacifico, Heineken, Coors Light, Blue Moon Draft… appetizers…

Ask for 100% Blue Agave Asombroso Fine Tequilas ~


Address: 5722 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Phone Number: (323) 464-0624      Fax: (323) 464-4912

Hours Open:  Monday-Thursday 11:30 am – 10 pm
Friday-Saturday 4 pm – 11 pm. Closed Sundays.

Forms of Payment: accepts cash and credit cards

Reservations? Not necessary. Just drop in!

DELIVERY: $15 minimum. Usually only until 3:00 pm, but occasionally from Wednesday to Saturday, they have an extra person who can make deliveries, and they will consider delivering in the evening.

Pueblo Viejo does catering and private events.

Location: Just a few steps west of Larchmont Boulevard, south side of Melrose

Parking: street   

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