Two Dog Organic Nursery

Organically grown plants at the Farmers Market!

Two Dog Organic Nursery

These are the owners of Two Dog Nursery: Alejandro Trigo by the sign and his wife Jo Anne there on the lower left corner of the picture. She was showing off their small trees to a customer. I had just noticed their stall for the first time and hadn’t spoken to them yet.

The small plants up on the table include herbs and veggies like shelling peas, Di Ciccio broccoli and Calabrese broccoli − all organically grown. The four-inch plants are around $4 each.

Organic Fruit Trees via Two Dog Nursery

They have a few organic fruit trees with them every Sunday; you can also order from a list that includes avocados, bananas, goji berries, cherimoya, figs, guavas, olives, papaya, quince, pineapple, persimmon and sapotes!


EarthBox Garden by Two Dog Organic


It’s one of the easiest ways to plant and maintain a garden even if you live in a city apartment.  As you can see in the picture, you can grow heirloom tomatoes, champion collards, Blue Lake pole beans, gourmet lettuce, French filet beans, snow peas, green beans − even corn plants!

Garden Kit - Closeup

This is what the EarthBox Garden Kit looks like close up. You will need some potting mix and the right number of seedlings to get started, but not much else to worry about. There’s some contraption at the bottom that will make sure you don’t overwater!


EarthBox Garden Kit

In front of their sample kit is a copy of the California Master Gardener Handbook, one of the books they love and are recommending to all green-thumb aspirants in SoCal.

Secrets of Salsa bilingual cookbook

Another book they love is Secrets of Salsa, a bilingual cookbook by the Mexican women of Anderson Valley.  Two Dog now has nine books that they’re highly recommending to garden lovers!

You can check out the organically grown plants and the books at the Larchmont Farmers Market every Sunday. Jo Anne can tell you everything there is to know about starting a garden while living in the city. The only other farmers market you can catch Two Dog at is the one in faraway La Cañada Flintridge on Saturdays.

The Larchmont market formally starts at 10 am, but you can spot them setting up earlier. As of late November among their seasonal offerings are heirloom lettuces, Indonesian white guava and ice cream bananas.

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Pictures from November 22, 2009.

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