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Contemporary boutique store

Opened on Oct. 22, 2022, at the Larchmont Mercantile.

Hidden is known for distressed denim and “Dad Jeans” for women.

Hidden Larchmont

Address: 130 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90004
Phone number: (213) 760-2498
Hours: 11am-7pm, daily

HIDDEN is locally owned.

Also sells accessories like earrings and headbands.

LIMITED TIME: Felted Soap, which is soap enclosed in felted wool. The wool is placed on a bar of soap and as you work it with water, the fibers felt together. As you use the soap, the bar shrinks and the felt shrinks with it. Once the soap is gone, you can re-use the felted casing by cutting a small slit in the side and slipping in leftover slivers of soap.

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