One thought on “L.A. Pet Clinic

  • January 15, 2020 at 12:33 pm

    Hello, I came across your information online. I moved to los Angeles a couple years ago with my now 9.5 year old shiba inu Saki. He has not been doing well and has dermatitis which our vet has repeatedly tried to treat, he is constantly on antibiotics and no matter what we try it has gotten worse and now he is beginning to be aggressive toward me and my 1 year old (clearly due to him just being uncomfortable and miserable). His constant licking and scratching means he is now always wearing a cone and his discomfort, sadness, and pain are making matters worse. We cant keep up with the cost of everything that has been tried and I am so angry with the vet that it seems they have only made things worse and uncontrollable that having Saki euthanized is the only option. My heart is breaking every day watching my dog in so much discomfort and pain, and making our home unsafe for my 1 year old. Is this something you can help us with? I am at a loss.


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