Larchmont Village Farmers’ Market

Address: 209 N Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Location: north of 1st Street, just south of Beverly Blvd
west side of the street, across from the Rite Aid Pharmacy
at Lot 694, the city parking lot with the clock

Larchmont Village Farmers' Market in Los Angeles, California

Fresh roses, gourmet mac and cheese, sunflower sprouts, lemon almonds,
naan, balsamic vinegar, dolmades, flan, rotisserie chicken, tamales…

No Dogs Allowed at Larchmont Farmers Market
When: Sunday, 10 am – 2 pm, though many vendors are set up earlier

Forms of Payment: merchants accept mostly cash; prepare small bills

Parking: free underground parking by the Rite Aid across the street

Accessibility: crowded, but ok for wheelchairs (strollers galore!)

For sale: fresh organic fruit and vegetables; nuts; flowers; breads; cheeses

History: been there since 2001

California Certified Farmers’ Markets

A few of the Sunday stalls within or near the market proper:

Gourmet Blends – balsamic vinegar, dipping oils

Market Candle – made from soy wax with cotton wick

Bella Sol Foods – mango salsa and gluten-free chips

Me Gusta – gourmet tamales

Lush Foods – Indian dishes and organic pomegranate juice

Paddy Mac – gourmet mac and cheese with truffles!

Grill Masters – rotisserie chicken

Ann’s Bakery of Port Hueneme – cakes and pastries
Owners: Isaias and Martha Quintana

Crepes, Quesadillas and Burritos of 37th Street
savory crepes like ham, turkey, chicken and cheese $5 each
sweet crepes like nutella, strawberry and banana…

Laurent Bonjour’s cheese truck 

Flan King – Sweet Potato, Chocolate, Marble, Coffee & Mocha
Prices: $3 for individual serving $25 to serve 10

Santiago Farms – berries!
blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, even yellow berries!

Atkins Nursery of Fallbrook, California
citrus, avocado and sub-tropical trees!  (760) 728-1610

ThinKrisps – crispy cheese disks!

Alex’s Fruits and Nuts
almonds, seeds, dried banana, organic mango, chili tamarindo

Skyline Flower Growers

Robertino’s Cucina – the owner of La Luna!

Bolaños Sprouts — sunflower, broccoli, mung bean
wheatgrass for pets, fenugreek, Spanish peanuts…

Nicholas Family Farms – Organically Grown Produce
Rick and Penny Nicholas of 7602 S. Monson, Orange Cove, CA 93646

Two Dog Organic Nursery – Earthbox kits and organically raised plants
Heirloom Lettuces, Indonesian White Guava and Ice Cream Bananas

Saveurs Ready-to-Heat Gourmet Cuisine
Meredith explains convenient French-inspired food

Fresh Seafood – Local & Exotic

King Swami with whom the kids love playing their toy instruments

Flowers from Sheran and Ron Burke
all roses of varied colors! about $10 a bunch

Massage – $12 for 10 minutes (was $10)

Olive Oil, Olives, Hummus, Feta, Dolmades, Tzatziki, Mousaka, Pita, Etc.

Victoria Duque – jewelry designs featured in InStyle magazine