People at Larchmont Farmers Market

December 20, 2009

Alfredo Lopez of Bella Sol Foods

This is Alfredo Lopez, owner of Bella Sol Foods. His specialties are salsas and tortilla chips. How he and his wife started the business is a story deserving of a separate post, but for now, know that his products are available at 16 Whole Foods stores in the LA area.

Meredith of Saveurs

Meredith of Saveurs! Lots of pictures to upload, including that of their fig confiture, made from figs grown in their own garden! Saveurs provides ready-to-heat gourmet foods and very customized menus in catering events and private dinners. More later. Meantime, check out the glowing reviews on Citysearch!

Marcos Rodriguez and daughter Elizabeth

This is Marcos Rodriguez and his daughter Elizabeth. Both have been at the farmers market for eight years now selling Alex’s Fruit and Nuts. Their  bestseller is Lemon Almonds, which is all natural almonds soaked only in lemon juice — that simple. Other interesting dried fruits they carry are brown figs, organic mango, natural banana and chili tamarindo. Prices equally simple: each pack is $4. Get 2 for $7 and 3 for $10.

Annette Remter of Fresh Pasta

I take at least one good picture of Annette every Sunday and was marveling why she was so photogenic. Turns out she’s an actress with real, solid credits!

King Swami at the Larchmont Farmers Market

The kids at the Farmers Market love King Swami. He lets them play musical instruments with him. By noon today though, he was packing up to make way for Eric Brinkley, below.

Eric Binkley at Larchmont Farmers Market

Last few weeks, it had been Eric Kufs singing in front of a microphone like this. Today it was Eric Binkley. And one more Erik, with a k. ↓

Erik Villanueva of Ann's Bakery

Previously, it was Joe who was manning the table of Ann’s Bakery. This week, it’s Erik Villanueva, the nephew of the bakery’s owner Isaias Quintana. What Erik has in his hand by the way is my card.

Also in the background, you can see the banner of Eliki Olive Oil, staffed by Christine, who is really nice but shy. I will post pics of their Greek products soon, including the giant beans. Humongous.

You can meet many of these cool folks at the Farmers Market almost every Sunday!

For more sights at the market today, click here.  For a map and other details, click here.

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