Le Pain Quotidien

🥖 The Daily Bread” 🥖

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Le Pain Quotidien in Larchmont

Welcome to Le Pain Quotidien !

Counter service is for takeout only. All others please find a seat and a server will be right with you.

Tables and Chairs at LPQ in Larchmont Village

Seasonal Specials: organic tofu scramble for breakfast…

Menu at Le Pain Quotidien in Larchmont

Photo from 2009. New seasonal specials for 2010

How to eat a tartine at LPQ

How to Eat a Tartine at Le Pain Quotidien in Larchmont…

Pastries at Le Pain Quotidien in Larchmont

BAKERY: Wheat, Rye, Spelt, Five-Grain, Walnut available in whole and half loaves

Baguette, French Rolls, Hazelnut Flute, Challah (Fridays only), Organic Brioche, Croissants, Couque Suisse, Pain au Chocolat, apple pear turnovers, assorted organic muffins

Catering Menu   … Seasonal Menu

Drinks: organic beverages (coffee, espresso, latte, cafe au lait, teas, Belgian hot chocolate, mochaccino, iced coffee, iced tea, iced green tea, iced cappuccino, iced latte, homemade lemonade, mint lemonade, chamomile mint iced tea, milk, soy milk), dinner drinks like beer and wine

Desserts: Belgian Brownie, Raspberry Tart, Mini Mousse Duo, Mixed Berry Tart, , Pistachio Marzipan Tart, Lemon Tart , Madeleine, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Cheese Almond Danish, Almond Meringue, Coconut Macaroons, Apple Almond Tart, Almond Pound Cake, Apricot Crumble, Belgian Sugar Waffle , Fresh Fruit Bowl

Address: 113 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Location: west side of street, south of Beverly Boulevard

Phone Number: (323) 461-7701

Hours Open:  7 am – 7 pm, seven days a week

Good for al fresco / outdoor dining, breakfast, brunch, groups, bread, pastries

Pickup chess games every Sunday at 1:30pm. Long central table in front.

Cuisine: Belgian (European, French)

Restaurant Style: Dine-in / Artisanal Bakery (boulangerie / patisserie)

Specialty: bread made with only organic stone-ground flour, salt and water — kneaded and shaped by hand. Pantry has jams, chocolate spreads, coffee and granola for sale.

Larchmont General Manager: Maria York

BRUSSELS — The genius of Le Pain Quotidien is that it feels like a neighborhood café. Walking in past the window full of cakes, around the bread counter at the front, through to the slightly ramshackle dining room with its vast wooden table, you imagine that you’ve just found a great local restaurant that nobody else knows about...  Continue reading in the paywalled New York Times, June 2008…

Parking: street                    Accessibility: ok for wheelchairs

History: Le Pain Quotidien was founded by Alain Coumont of Brussels. Other locations are in New York, Washington DC and Connecticut.  Los Angeles locations: Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Claremont…

Originally published on: June 1, 2009

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