Lymphatic Drainage Facials

Whether it’s a work meeting, a date, or a girls’ night out, we always want to look our best. And a swollen face, puffy under eyes or dull skin is less than desirable to put our best face forward. There is an overwhelming amount of beauty products and make-up that will help conceal those issues, but why conceal when you can prevent?

Many have turned to Lymphatic Drainage Facials, Hollywood’s newest trend, for a healthier and more youthful complexion. In fact, many celebrities, men, and women get lymphatic drainage treatments before hitting the red carpet, and supermodels before stepping on the runway.

Lymphatic facial massage

So, what’s so hot about this new Hollywood trend?

Well, just like the lymphatic drainage massage for your body, its facial counterpart will draw away toxins living right underneath the surface of your skin. Often, the lymph fluid, which is responsible for draining out these toxins, gets stuck. This is caused by many factors like water retention from a salt-heavy or poor diet, lack of sleep, stress, medical conditions, or post-surgery lymphedema. The gentle strokes and hydrating natural oils used by therapists stimulate the lymph vessels and blood circulation on your face.


How does a facial lymphatic massage work?

This special technique combines hand movements and the use of Gua Sha, a centuries-old eastern medicine tool made of rose quartz, and renowned for its energetic and effective beauty results.

A lymphatic facial drains the toxin-filled fluid towards the lymph nodes, where they are filtered and eventually released by the body. This leaves you with an invigorated naturally healthy glow and a more visibly defined bone structure. Some avid patrons also attest to seeing a reduction in skin conditions like acne and dull skin.

So… no need to spend so much money and time covering up the evidence from stress, late nights, and early mornings. Instead, adhere to a regular lymphatic drainage facial. The more you take care of your skin, the less you need to cover it up.

The lymphatic drainage facial is a treatment you will love as it allows your natural beauty to shine through!

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