How to Reheat Quiche

Quiche is a delicious but easy-to-make dish that is perfect for eating immediately or storing for later. Because you always have to make a full pie, knowing that it can be refrigerated or frozen makes it easier for you to make a full batch. All you need to do is to store it properly and you can have the rest of this goodness another day. It is also a good dish to make ahead of time if you have guests coming over and you have little time to cook.

Of course, quiche that is freshly out of the oven is the best, with the creamy eggs, cheese, flaky crust, and whatever ingredients you decide to add it. Its versatility is the best thing about it, as you can choose what to mix in and create your very own favorite version.

How to reheat quiche

Storing Quiche For Later Consumption

One whole pan of quiche is, naturally, too much if you are eating alone and even if you are making it for your family. If you are cooking some for later consumption, knowing the basics of storing and eventually reheating it helps you plan making it and what to do once it is finished baking. After all, you want to preserve the flavor, the consistency, and the taste to enjoy it later.

After your quiche is finished baking, leave it on your kitchen counter to cool down completely. Make sure to not cover it so that the ends do not become soggy and the taste is retained. After it has cooled down, seal it properly with some plastic wrap and an additional layer of aluminum foil on top. Make sure it is fully cooled down; otherwise, condensation can build up and it will cause your quiche to become soggy.

Now you can put it on the freezer. Placing it on the refrigerator is also an option if you want to eat your quiche the next day. If you are not sure when you want to serve it again, then go for freezing it. You can consider storing them in individual pieces so you can just get specific servings to reheat. However, this is only possible when the quiche is firm and not sloppy.

Another important thing to consider is what you put in the quiche. You can add whatever vegetable you like, but putting too much is not a good idea if you are making quiche for later consumption. To also prevent your quiche from being soggy, use only blanched vegetables or frozen vegetables that have been thawed and drained properly. Your added meats should also be seasoned, pre-cooked, and drained of any grease.

Do not forget to add the date on the packed quiche to avoid poisoning.

Reheating Your Quiche

There is more than one way to prepare your quiche from the fridge or freezer. There are easier ways, like putting it on the microwave, while you can also use the oven. However, it does not mean you can easily pop them in and expect perfect results. You will need to consider some factors in deciding your reheating method.

For example, quiche lorraineHow to Reheat Quiche is full of bacon that will get ruined in the microwave. Thus, you will be more successful in reheating this in the oven.

1. Use The Oven

If you want the fresh off-the-oven taste and smell of quiche, then you should put it back there to reheat it. Simply preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, before warming up your quiche for 15 to 20 minutes. This works for quiche stored in the fridge or those that were brought down from the freezer the night before. However, if you want to reheat frozen quiche, then you need to increase the time to 30 to 35 minutes.

Make sure you place the quiche on a baking dish and cover it with aluminum foil. Once finished, let it sit with the foil for 15 minutes before serving. If you have a thermometer, you can measure the temperature. It is ready once it reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of the pie.

Using the oven is the preferred and best way to warm up your quiche, because it keeps the flavor of the filling, plus keeps the crust’s flaky texture.

2. Pop It In The Microwave

Sometimes, you do not have the time to wait to heat the quiche in the oven, or if you bring some to work where there is only a microwave, then don’t despair. The results might not be as good, but you can still end up with a good dish if you do it correctly. Normally, reheating eggs in the microwave is not a good idea because it leads to a rubbery texture. To avoid this, follow these steps.

First, let the quiche out of the fridge and leave it at room temperature for a few minutes. Set the microwave to 50% power so that the eggs do not overcook and become less fluffy. Put the quiche in a microwave-safe plate and warm it for 3 minutes. If it is still not warm enough, put it back in the microwave and heat it in 30-second intervals so that it does not overheat.

3. Toast It

Another lesser known method is to warm the quiche in your toaster. Some people prefer this over the microwave, but this method is not as clear-cut. You will need to keep an eye on the reheating to make sure it does not get burnt.

First, make sure the quiche is at room temperature, so leave it on the kitchen counter a few minutes before warming it up. Then put the piece in the toaster and toast it for a few minutes, checking the temperature often until it is perfect for serving.

4. Serving Your Quiche

Your quiche is best served with some herbs sprinkled on top and partnered with a side salad. You may also pair it with something sweeter, some pancakes or fresh fruit. This mix of savory and sweet is the perfect way to start your day.

How to reheat quiche

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