Saigon Noodle House – Closed


Phuong Tran, the former chef at Vietnamese restaurant Benley in Long Beach, is serving up a dining experience at the Larchmont Larder under the name Saigon Noodle House until January 2012.

The menu highlights a sophisticated take on pho (beef broth with chocolate mint and lemon basil), along with refreshing salads, banh mi, and sweets. You may bring your own beer or wine with no corkage fee.

Saigon Noodle House: Salad

Address: 626 N. Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90004

East side of the street, in a Craftsman bungalow, north of Beverly

Phone Number: (323) 962-9900

Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 5-10 pm. Friday-Saturday, 5-11pm. Sunday, 11am-10pm.

The Larder will remain open during the day with its offerings of gourmet meals and pastries.

STARTERS teeny-weeny rice crepe toasted shrimp, scallion oil, crispy shallot 5 time-honored spring rolls shrimp, braised pork, mixed mints, vermicelli, persian cucumber, peanut sauce *vegetarian available 5 crisp cabbage salad coriander leaf, toasted garlic, citrus vinaigrette. 6/11 exotic herb salad chocolate mint, perilla leaf, butter lettuce toasted-garlic vinaigrette 6/11 mango and green papaya salad cucumbers, exotic herbs, ground chili flakes, and sweet lime vinaigrette 6/11 lotus salad coriander, english cucumbers, saigon vinaigrette 6/11

PHO – rice noodles noodles in homemade aromatic beef/chicken/vegetable broth with fresh herbs and vegetables 10 rare beef slices tendon braised brisket vietnamese meatball chicken tofu & bok choy *vegetable stock available

BUN – cold noodles cold rice noodles with with exotic herbs and pickled daikon carrots
piquant house dressing 10 charred pork sauted beef lemongrass chicken tofu & bok choy

BAHN MI 7 vietnamese baguette sandwich with pickled carrots and daikon,
jalepenos, and english cucumbers saigon charchuterie tofu and mushroom herbed chicken sautéed beef char sui pork

SWEETS panna cotta with honied blueberries and mint syrup bananas foster & peanut butter en crepe melting valrhona chocolate & pistachio salt slow cooked asian pears in aromatic syrup

Last modified: 2013-01-10