Sunday Night in Larchmont

November 30, 2009

iPhone doesn’t work well in low light but you get the idea of how pretty it is in the village after sunset, especially with all the windows decked out for the holidays.

Village Heights in Larchmont

Christmas tree and snowflakes at Village Heights

I took this pic standing in the entrance facing northwest.

Pickett Fences in Larchmont Village

This is Pickett Fences on the east side of the boulevard. Months ago, I was trying to remember in which store’s window I had seen the Larchmont Community sign. I called Pickett Fences but the clerk said that they didn’t have that sign in the window! I guess I had poorly communicated…

Bonne Chance in Larchmont Village

You can find this mannequin at Bonne Chance on the east side of Larchmont Boulevard.

Larchmont Beauty Center

Larchmont Beauty Center is the absolute best place to buy everything from shampoo to tweezers. And the people are so nice. Plus!!! They open as early as 8:30 in the morning! Super…

Chevalier's Books

Chevalier’s has children’s books, a Christmas tree and a menorah their smaller window. That bear moves! He bends forward and then straightens back up again 🙂

Most of the stores in Larchmont now have longer hours to give people more time to shop for the holidays. Call to ask!

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