SmartWritingService Review: Essay Writing Service for LA Students

In the US, only New York hosts more students than Los Angeles, which means LA is the second largest district in terms of number and density of educational institutions. Now, when the educational process is disrupted for more than half a year, many of those students experience some critical difficulties continuing their studies. There are different reasons for that — lack of stable internet connection, overall stress, lack of access to college and university libraries/facilities. The key reason LA and other students from the US face difficulties with assignments these days is that the demands didn’t change while the conditions got much worse. Many students address tutors and writing experts for help with assignments. 

SmartWritingService is one of the most popular writing services among LA students, first of all, because it has been in the market for years, and students from top schools value reliability. We’ve made a brief review of this company, so you can decide for yourself whether you are interested in their services.

LA writing service

Usability: Friendly and Saves Time

The major problem old writing services generally have is an outdated design. Being in the market for years is a good thing for reputation. Such companies are the most trustworthy, they have a stable team of support managers, editors, writers, and technical specialists, they have loyal clients and need to spend less on aggressive promo, so they have an opportunity to offer better prices to their clients. However, most of their websites were created more than 5-7 years ago, and with the speed of digital development, it is a lot. SmartWritingService is a great exemption. Previous year they have fully updated their design and changed the organization of the website to make it more friendly in terms of ux\ui.

Like one of the managers, Ron, said to us, “The idea of the modern design is not to look fancy, and even not to look modern. The design should become a function itself. Nothing on our new website is accidental. All the links and the forms are designed to help clients save time and find needed information fast without addressing support managers. Many services intentionally hide information to provoke people to write with questions and leave their data, but we are against this policy. Everything should be functional and transparent.” Well, it is a commendable principle. Let’s see how it works.

How to Order with SmartWritingService

Once you enter the website, you can see an orange button in the right corner that says “order paper.” We did press it, and now we are ready to review the order form of which this service is so proud. What is really good is that not lots of things are given to chance. It means that most of the forms offer you to choose from the list, not to write something on your own. It saves your time because you don’t need to think about how to formulate some tasks, and it saves the support team’s time, as they receive your order in a specific form with the filled-in fields and can find a suitable essay writer for hire much faster.

Essay-Writing Service

There is a specific field for paper instructions that you fill in manually, and you can also add some documents, scans, etc. We recommend adding as many additional documents as you can. Don’t be afraid to overdo it — the more additional data an assigned writer will have, the better.

What makes this order form stand out among the alternatives, that it is fully customizable. It means that you always choose what to pay for. For example, you can choose to pay extra for one of the top-10 writers in the chosen discipline/category, which will add 40% to the final price of your order. But if we are not talking about an exceptionally important thesis or a personal statement you are going to send to the top schools in the country, it is not a logical choice. Some services decide this for you, but here, you are the one in charge. Other extra services to add are Smart paper (you can get your paper with comprehensive explanations of structure, formatting, and so on, along with precise guidelines for your own writing) and Writer samples (you get 3 randomly generated pages from your writer’s previous works to evaluate his or her style).

Pricing Policy: Transparent and Student-Friendly

When it comes to academic writing, price is very important, as students are not the audience that is interested in overpaying for services, that is for sure. However, quality should not be compromised. SmartWritingService is not the cheapest company in the market, but it is definitely an affordable one. It produces papers of an outstanding quality first of all, thanks to its experienced team of writers and editors. The question is, how do they manage to keep prices affordable if they claim to hire top writers? In our opinion, top writers, especially ENL authors with advanced degrees, cost a lot. We asked Ron about it, and here is what he says: “You are writing to think that professional and experienced writers are not cheap to hire, but the formation of the paper’s final price depends on many more factors. The faster the writer can create a needed paper that will be accepted by the client from the first try, the more money the writer will get. So, writers are interested in writing flawless papers. Also, expert writers are interested in working with a company that can provide them with a constant flow of orders. And that is us.”

Wrapping the story up, we can say that it is definitely one of the most reliable services to address when you need your paper written on time and the top level of quality. They have a strict anti-plagiarism policy and don’t accept orders which violate their code of ethics. We say, way to go, guys!

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