Erin McKenna’s Bread & Butter Book

Watch the trailer to Erin McKenna’s newest book… Bread & Butter!

The most elusive of all gluten-free vegan baking miracles is bread… and Erin McKenna, owner of her namesake bakeshop on Larchmont, has authored a new book, this one featuring Bread and Butter — both those things, plus Bagels, Croissants, Cauliflower Tater Tots, Oat Thins, Focaccia, Sweet Potato Rolls, English Muffins, Pumpernickel Loaves, Puff Pastry, and about sixty other recipes!

Gluten-Free Bread & Butter Cookbook
When Erin McKenna founded her first bakery, BabyCakes NYC, savory breads were just a distant dream-vision never to be realized. Now she’s glad to announce this collection of 75 recipes that does it all.

Bread & Butter has been out since March 17, 2015.

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