Jo Anne Trigo of Two Dog Nursery


Jo Anne Trigo (left) of Two Dog Nursery

Jo Anne Trigo (left) with happy customer at La Cañada Farmers Market
Photo taken on December 5, provided by Two Dog Nursery

One of the newest vendors at the weekly farmers market in Larchmont Village is Two Dog Nursery, operated by Alejandro and Jo Anne Trigo. They bring their organically grown plants (herbs, vegetables, fruit trees), garden kits and books to the area every Sunday. Jo Anne can tell you everything about starting and maintaining a garden while living in the city.

Organic herbs are their most popular sellers – English Thyme, Italian Parsley, Cilantro and Oregano. They also have 3- and 5-variety herb gardens that make for great gifts.

Their heirloom lettuces, especially Red Velvet, Valentine Mesclun Mix, Arugula and Parris Island Cos, always get the customers excited (red velvet???). Other organic vegetables that go fast are Lacinato (“Dinosaur”) Kale and Heirloom Broccoli.

Here are recent pictures of the Earthbox garden kit, herbs, fruit trees and books that they sell at the farmers market. The Larchmont market formally starts at 10 am, but you can spot Alejandro and Jo Anne setting up earlier. The only other farmers market you can catch Two Dog at is the one in faraway La Cañada Flintridge on Saturdays.

And if you’re wondering how the nursery got its name, drop by the Larchmont Farmers Market this Sunday and ask Jo Anne!

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