Two Dog EarthBox Planting Classes!

“Honor Your New Year’s Resolution to Grow (at least some of) Your Own Food”

Two Dog Organic Nursery
, one of the newest vendors at the Larchmont Farmers Market, is now offering monthly EarthBox planting classes!

Their inaugural class will be on Monday, January 4th, at 11:00am.

EarthBox Garden by Two Dog Organic

Tuition of $120 includes:

* Complete EarthBox Kit
* 3 16-quart bags of Black Gold Organic Potting Soil
* 4 cups of organic worm castings
* applicable sales tax
* hands-on instructions

Plants will be charged separately. Visit the “Current Veggies” and other pages on their website to see what’s growing!

The class is limited to eight (8) gardeners. Tuition must be paid in full by December 30th.
Email or call Jo Anne at 323-422-3835 to book a spot.

(Rain will mean rescheduling the date of the class.)

So what is an EarthBox?

It’s one of the easiest ways to plant and maintain a garden even if you live in a city apartment. As you can sort of make out in the picture above, you can grow heirloom tomatoes, champion collards, pole beans, gourmet lettuce, French filet beans, snow peas, green beans − even tall corn plants!

Garden Kit - Closeup

You will need some potting mix and the right number of seedlings to get started, but not much else to worry about. There’s some contraption at the bottom that will make sure you don’t overwater!

If you want to check out the EarthBox and pick up a few organic herbs, vegetables or fruit trees, drop by the Larchmont Farmers Market on Sunday. The market formally starts at 10 am, but you can see Alex and Jo Anne Trigo setting up as early as 8 am.

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